How can Wool upgrade your kitchen and home lifestyle?

Simply put, Wool is the best fiber for your home.

 Sonoma Wool Company Dish Drying Mat with Linen Sleeve on countertop next to sink

How going all-natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable, can improve your quality of life!

The New Year is here, it’s 2020, and boy does that sound futuristic! Sonoma Wool Company was started in 2013 when I decided to buy a felting loom and do something to get people to pay attention to the wonders of wool. Now that we’re in the future, people are more aware than ever about the importance of where and what they spend their money on - which is why this is the year of Wool

Wool is sustainable. Sheep ranchers have been raising sheep since the dawn of time. Their shearing methods have been perfected so that no harm comes to the sheep, in fact, shearing is essential to their livelihood, and without a “hair-cut” every so often, their coats would be too heavy and weigh them down, preventing them from roaming their wide open spaces. 

Wool is breathable. You’ll never experience a sticky or uncomfortable heat while sleeping in wool. It’s unique fibers allow air to flow in and out, so that even in the summer, a 100% Wool Comforter does the trick.  

Wool is water-wicking. The same qualities that make wool breathable, also allow it to wick water away, usually in the form of sweat. This allows the sheep to stay comfortably cool under the summer sun in Sonoma County.  

Sonoma Wool Company sheep on ranch in the sun

These unique and incredible qualities inspire us daily, and we often wonder if more people knew the Wonders of Wool, would more people choose all-natural fibers over synthetics? 

Synthetics aren’t biodegradable, and in a time where we swallow something like, a credit cards worth of plastic a day (?!), we need to stop supporting industries that aren’t doing our planet good. When wool can provide an upgrade to your home, and also support healthy ecosystems and local economies, the question changes from Why Wool - to why not! 

Our goals for 2020 revolve around growth. We are on a mission to get these facts to the consumer - that Wool is the best fiber for an array of jobs. Follow us on the socials @sonomawoolcompany to learn more about the wonders of wool in 2020.