How does the Wool get from the Sheep to the Dryer Ball?

Wool's Journey,
Ewe -to- You

While all Sonoma Wool Company products remain all-natural and untouched by chemicals, there are many stages our wool must go through in order to be clean and prepared for household use.

It all starts on the Ranch. Once each year, usually in the Spring, the wool on the each ewe (female sheep) is sheared by professional sheep shearers.

Shearing does not harm the sheep, it is similar to getting a hair cut!

It will all grow back by the following year. Once sheared, the fleece (wool from one sheep) is placed on a skirting table, where quality imperfections in the wool are removed by hand.

The wool is then baled and shipped to a scouring mill, where it is washed with soap. At this stage, much of the lanolin is removed and collected for further processing for cosmetics or other uses.  

After washing, the wool is re-baled and shipped to a carding mill where it is combed and placed in large rolls of batting.

The rolls of batting are then shipped either to a felting mill or to our sewing rooms, where it is used to create the Sonoma Wool Company products, like our hand-made Wool Dryer Balls, for you and your home!

Cassie, our herding Border Collie, rounds up some Ewes

Bales of Wool ready to be shipped and scoured

Sonoma Wool Company wool batting can be used for all sorts of crafting projects. 100% pure wool, sourced from United States family ranchers.

Pure Wool Batting

Sonoma Wool Company Wool Dryer Balls are made by hand in Valley Ford, California.

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