How does the wool get from the sheep to the dryer ball?

  • Once each year, usually in the Spring, the wool on the each sheep is sheared by professional sheep shearers. Shearing does not harm the sheep, it is similar to getting a hair cut.
  • Once sheared, the fleece (wool from one sheep) is placed on a skirting table, where quality imperfections in the wool are removed by hand.
  • The wool is then baled and shipped to a scouring mill, where it is washed with soap. At this stage, much of the lanolin is removed and collected for further processing for cosmetics or other uses.  
  • After washing, the wool is re-baled and shipped to a carding mill where it is combed and placed in large rolls of batting.
  • The rolls of batting is then shipped either to a felting mill or our sewing rooms, where it is used to create the Sonoma Wool Company products for you and your home!