Why do Ranchers need our Support?

We created Sonoma Wool Company to help support local sheep ranchers.

Local farms and ranches are very important to the economy and land conservation in a community. If these ranches are not able to continue their work, their land might be portioned and sold, making way for big developments like strip malls, subdivisions, and power plants. Keeping their land as “ag land” is most important, it helps keep a community green, and contributes to healthy surroundings.

How does the flow of your dollar matter in your community?

Local ranches also create a trickle down effect in terms of keeping money local. A successful local ranch means successful local businesses, like the Mom and Pop hardware store down the street.

If these ranchers are unable to make ends meet, they might choose to go to a big box store for their hardware needs instead - which eventually leads to the little shops closing down. Keeping your money local is the best thing you can do for your community, so we urge our customers to consciously spend.

All of our wool is sourced from family ranches in the United States.

From cradle to grave.

Sonoma Wool Company wool is carded and felted in the US, at family owned mills, then packaged and shipped by our team. We make sure to pay everyone who works with us a livable wage, and strive to only work with companies with ethical practices.

Joe Pozzi with Pozzi Ranch

Joe Pozzi ( Pozzi Ranch ) is a multiple generation sheep rancher, and has spent countless years giving back to Sonoma County through land conservation efforts, lobbying for more agricultural land and less concrete development across California.

Sonoma Wool Company is proud to support local family ranches like Joe’s. Little by little, we are working together to leave the world a better place.

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