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Imagine yourself tucked in to your bed, wrapped in the puffy warmth of wool, like a hug from a loved one – cradling you to sleep, and ensuring you have a long, restful night.   

Wool can do that for you.

 Sonoma Wool Company Sheep on Pozzi Ranch in Sonoma, California

Wool is a naturally occurring protein fiber, that comes from sheep. Sheep have been domesticated over thousands of years, and humans have been using sheep wool for clothing and bedding for just as long.  You might say that wool is the original renewable resource! Sheep get a hair cut (are shorn by professional sheep shearers) once a year, which is essential for their health.   

 Close-up of Sonoma Wool Company Wool Batting

How does wool work? 

It is very simple. Wool breathes.  The structure of a wool fiber is such that air circulates through each fiber.  By so doing, it creates both a warming effect and a cooling effect as it wicks away moisture from your body.  No synthetic material or feathers can do this.  

Why is breathing important? 

Because it regulates your body temperature.  A good night’s sleep is essential to health and well-being, and the key to sleeping well is maintaining a comfortable body temperature.  Your body continually regulates your temperature as you sleep. If you get too hot, you perspire to cool down. If you get too cold, you shiver to warm up.  All of this temperature regulating activity is controlled by your heart. So the more your temperature swings, the harder your heart has to work to maintain an even temperature.  You toss and turn, adjust your covers, use precious energy, and your sleep is disturbed.  

 Sonoma Wool Company Wool Mattress Topper

Surrounding yourself in wool bedding helps you maintain an even temperature.  Wool absorbs perspiration and wicks it away. Your heart rate stays low. Your sleep is undisturbed.  The absorbed moisture is slowly released back into the air.  

 Wool is luxury that is both sustainable and economical. 

Sonoma Wool Company Wool Pillow

Join us as we share the Wonders of Wool and work to leave the world a greener place. 

We have created Wool Pillows, Wool Comforters, and Wool Mattress Toppers to fit any area meant for sleeping. 100% wool encased in 100% cotton. We are happy to create any item to custom fit your needs. 

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