The microscopic structure of wool has evolved over millennia – no synthetic fiber can come close to replicating all of its qualities. Having been used by people for thousands of years – you may well say it was the very first renewable resource.

WoolInsetThe Unique, Incredible and Superb Qualities of Wool.

• 100% natural

• Renewable resource – once sheared, sheep regrow their wool

• Absorbs moisture up to one-third of its own weight, yet repels liquids

• Releases moisture evenly

• Regulates temperature – both heat and cold

• Resists dirt and stains

• Resists mold and mildew

• Flame-resistant – it smolders rather than bursting into flames or melting

• Durable and long-lasting (lifetimes)

• Completely biodegradable

• Wool fibers are crimped, which provides natural buoyancy, elasticity, resiliency
and loft to make naturally comforting products

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