Testimonials for Sonoma Wool Company’s 100% Pure Wool Dryer Balls and other products:

“Best purchase you will ever make! They cut the drying time in half!”
Ginny M.

“These dryer balls are the best. Thanks for your great customer service and kindness as well.”
Linda E.

“I love our new dryer balls. And I thank you for sending them out so quickly. I might be buying these for friends for the Holidays.”
Gerry D.

“I”m tossing my wool balls with my laundry – the cat hair that comes off my clothes is always impressive!
My 19-year-old lady is a fur factory!”
Vesta C.

“Thank you soooo much!!! We proudly featured your wool dryer balls and dish drying mat in our booth at the health fair today. Your products were very well received and people were excited to see the photos of the sheep from your website, feel the products, and learn about them as well as your a family/local business. We truly enjoyed being able to connect people with your products. Keep Up Your Great Work!”

“Love the Dryer Balls! We used to have to routinely extend the dryer time on loads and now with the dryer balls the clothes are dry within the set time! We are going to purchase some for our friends as gifts. Thanks!”
Sheryl B.

“We are out of dryer balls! Our customers love your products! We need to order more right away!”
Janice P.

“I love everything from Sonoma Wool Company! Your products are amazing! The dryer balls really work to increase efficiency of the dryer and my drying time has greatly decreased. I will be ordering more. Thank you so much.”
Louisa M.

“I just washed a couple of blankets and can’t believe how fluffy and soft they are with the wool dryer balls!”
Vicki C.

“I started using them yesterday and the first load seemed to have no static and few wrinkles!”

“The trouble with giving them as gifts is that then everybody wants to get them to give them–nothing like a local green product! Thanks!”
Reta L.

“I bought your dryer balls at the Heirloom festival and I love them. I’d like to get some for a friend…” Thanks,

“I was at the Made Local Market today to get my sister a pair of earrings, when I saw your beautifully packaged, lyrically described, wonderfully local wool balls – so of course I bought some! They are amazing – it made me happy just to hold the package and then even happier to hold the wool balls themselves.”
Karen G.

“Dear Amy,
The Wool Dryer Balls that our son, John, gave us last Christmas have proven both practical and entertaining. They do indeed cut down laundry drying time. They also leave the clothes refreshed and fluffed. All the wool balls ask for after their work is done is a game of hide-and-seek in the dried clothing. They cleverly tuck themselves away in sleeves and pant legs to go unnoticed in their hiding places. The launderer realizes that she or he has another case of “lost sheep” on hand only by taking a head count. That means peering into the dryer and checking each vane to see if the missing prankster is really absent or just crouching in a dark corner of the machine. The game is 100 percent pure wool fun! The sheep balls are good sports too. They don’t mind if their owners engage them in juggling and other airborne adventures. The Wool Dryer Balls are excellent companions as hard-working assistants and as a source of light-hearted relief on a dreary washing day. We give them a 4-Star, Highly Recommended, rating!”
Julian and Charlene

“Amy… I just want you to know how much I enjoy my new wool mattress pad…. It is wonderful…..a very different feeling…. And…so far I made a couple of pillows from the batting and they are truly wonderful to sleep on too… I will make a light blanket out of the rest…so I can be all surrounded by wool!!! I am so appreciative of the quality and feel of the wool you offer… Thank you again for all the love and care you put into it….all the way….
It is tangible! Will connect when we are ready for more…. And…we are spreading the word!!!”

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