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How can Wool upgrade your Kitchen and Home Lifestyle?
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How can Wool upgrade your Kitchen and Home Lifestyle?

Choose American Wool for your home.

Going all-natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable can quickly improve the quality of life in your home and for future generations.

Sonoma Wool Company was started in 2013 when Amy decided to buy a felting loom and do something to get people to pay attention to the Wonders of Wool. Now that we’re in the future, people are more aware than ever about the importance of where and what they spend their money on - which is why this is the year of Wool.

Wool is sustainable.

Sheep ranchers have been raising sheep since the dawn of time. Their shearing methods have been perfected so that no harm comes to the sheep, in fact, shearing is essential to their livelihood, and without a “hair-cut” every so often, their coats would be too heavy and weigh them down, preventing them from roaming their wide open spaces.

Wool is breathable.

You’ll never experience a sticky or uncomfortable heat while sleeping in wool. Sleeping in, on, and under wool can help to do away with night sweats! It’s unique fibers allow air to flow in and out, so that even in the summer, a 100% Wool Comforter does the trick.

Wool is water-wicking.

The same qualities that make wool breathable, also allow it to wick water away, usually in the form of sweat. This allows the sheep to stay comfortably cool under the summer sun in Sonoma County.

Sonoma Wool Company sheep on ranch in the sun

These unique and incredible qualities inspire us daily, and we often wonder if more people knew the Wonders of Wool... would more people choose all-natural fibers over synthetics?

Wool Dish Drying Mat with Linen Sleeve close up. Eco friendly Dish Drying Mat

Synthetics aren’t biodegradable, and in a time where we swallow something like, a credit cards worth of plastic a day (?!), we need to stop supporting industries that aren’t doing our planet good. When wool can provide an upgrade to your home, and also support healthy ecosystems and local economies, the question changes from Why Wool - to why not!

When Amy first began Sonoma Wool Company, she and her tight knit group of friends in Northern California were already familiar with the Wonders of Wool. As we have grown, we have noticed that this isn't the case with the rest of the country. We feel so passionately about the fantastic and unique qualities that wool has that we have started to focus much of our efforts in to educating consumers.

The thing that makes wool stand out against the other fibers out there is that it is entirely natural and environmentally friendly. There are bedding brands now that are boasting having come up with a breathable fabric that will keep you cool. They brag about having come up with the perfect fiber, and go on to list all the things it can do, things that wool, a naturally occurring fiber, already does! There is no need to create a super chemically charged, plastic infused synthetic material - wool is perfect and waiting for that job!

The thing with wool though, and all environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced goods, is that they are priced differently than the lab-grown competitors. What needs to happen is we need to help the modern consumer to understand that spending more is spending smarter. Reaching for the cheapest item you can find at a big box store comes with many unforeseen downsides. The cheap item will probably break quickly, and was probably made in a factory by underpaid, overworked laborers in terrible conditions. This low cost comes with a price...a price that is hidden from consumers.

We want to challenge the modern consumer to think passed their desire for instant gratification, by the cheapest means possible. We believe that if we all understood the real value of our dollar, that being conscious spenders would change our communities for the better. Keeping production lines in our communities, using eco-friendly fibers and ingredients, and offering livable salaries will ensure that our communities are enriched and prospering for the next generation. We should be caring for our environment like we care for our children - not filling it with unnecessary bits of plastic and harsh chemicals that will remain in the soil for the rest of time! We are all connected on this planet, even if we forget in our day to day. But the water that we drink was once in the ground, so let's do better to protect the ground it comes from, and all life that springs from it.

It is a relatively big win to see paper straws and biodegradable cups popping up at many bars and eateries. We are hoping to change the game in the home goods industry, to get consumers to be as concerned with the amount of polyester and plastic in their kitchens and furniture as they are with using bamboo cutlery.

We are not trying for perfection, we are trying for progress. Wool is capable of some pretty incredible things that we would benefit from in our daily lives. It seems that instead of making things more complicated in the laboratory by trying to come up with a synthetic fiber that breathes, the easier solution would be to realize that wool was there the whole time! Completely renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable. Breathable, flame retardant (wool makes a great insulator inside walls), mold/mildew resistant, ultra-absorbent, temperature controlling, the list goes on and on!


Breathability is my personal favorite Wonder of Wool. It's really the one that makes way for all the others! Because the fibers are molecularly structured so that air is encouraged to move in and through them, wool is able to dry quickly, resist dust mites and bed bugs, and control our temperature when we sleep! The last thing you want in your bedding is for air and moisture to get stuck between fibers. This leads to mold/mildew growth and creates an environment prime for bed bugs. The breathable qualities of wool allow of the hot air to keep moving, for cool air to circulate through, and for moisture to move out quickly. The reason night sweats occur is because our bodies overheat in the middle of the night if air isn't able to circulate around them. If hot air remains trapped near the skin, we wake up in a sweat, instead of enjoying a full night of rest. Our breathable Wool Bedding will help get rid of Night Sweats. It is made of 100% American Wool Batting, surrounded by 100% cotton. Both breathable, sustainable fibers, encouraging you have the best sleep of your life.

The biodegradable nature of wool is certainly a high ranking Wonder of Wool too. I love that we are able to create all natural Cat Toys and all natural Dog Toys that are as fun to play with as they are good fo the environment! This means that cats and pups can chew up their Wool Toys and no bits of plastic or harsh chemicals will be accidentally ingested or left behind. In small quantities, wool is completely safe for our pets to swallow, and any bits left behind on the rug or outside can be tossed in the compost to contribute to enriched soil!

As you can tell, we are true wool believers. Choosing wool for your home will help you to live with sustainability in mind. We are proud to be able to offer practical all-natural products made of wool.


- Kelsie Greene, Media Manager, Sonoma Wool Company


To contact Kelsie about this, or any other woolly thought you may have, feel free to email her at

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