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"A heads-up to anyone who prioritizes design but not at the expense of function—and has yet to find a dish drying mat that’s up to these standards: I am not exaggerating when I say that my new wool drying mat from Sonoma Wool Company is life-changing."

Smart Buy: My Life-Changing Dish Drying Mat from Sonoma Wool Company
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"Sonoma Wool believes that investing in local communities and strengthening the economy by partnering with family-owned ranches is good business. And they have met their goals by creating innovative, sustainable, and high-quality products all made from wool."

Re-Discover the Wonders of Wool!

"A satisfying alternative to goose down, wool is hypoallergenic and breathable. Sonoma Wool Company sources its wool from family ranches throughout the US and uses it to make a range of things, including wool comforters and mattress toppers. Also worth checking out: Wool Dish Drying Mats (See one on page 248), Ironing Board Pads and Wool Batting."

Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home
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"Amy realized she had to help people "Re-Discover the Wonders of Wool" (and it's now their company motto). Although humans have used wool for thousands of years in clothing, shelter, bedding and even medicinal purposes, development of synthetics in the 20th century drew people away from natural fibers."

For Better or Worsted -- May 2022 Issue
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"For those who prefer a mat over a dish drying rack, this eco-friendly choice is a winner. It comes with a linen sleeve that's machine washable."

The Best Dish Drainers for Every Kitchen
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"Replace your ironing board pad with one of 100% wool. The 18x54" pad fits a standard ironing board and can be trimmed to fit, if needed."

Must-Have Tools for Ironing Fabric and Pressing Quilt Blocks

"So, really, why choose wool this holiday season? The finite fibers in the Wool Comforter insulate the heat and cold while simultaneously wicking away moisture every(body) has a constant body temperature. Plus, the resistance to dust mites, bacteria, mold, and mildew is always a good thing with your bedroom bedding!

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"Enter the drying mat from Sonoma Wool Company that blends well with nearly any decor but is larger than a standard mat without being huge and made from a breed of sheep whose coat naturally repels water."

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"Mom may be spending more time in the kitchen now than she ever imagined she would in her lifetime. The number of dishes that need to washed and dried might rival those of a small cafe after a dinner rush. Enter the drying mat from Sonoma Wool Company​"

The Best Mother's Day Gifts
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It’s the little things, like clean, dry dishes, that can brighten your day... And if a chic, high-quality dry mat can make that happen (or at least make seemingly endless amounts of dishes easier), look no further than Sonoma Wool Company’s.

Sonoma Wool Company Wool Dish Drying Mat With Linen Sleeve
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Good Day Sacramento talked about some of the best natural pet products!

USA Today wrote about our Wool Dish Drying Mat in one of their physical publications!

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"As an alternative to a dish drainer, use a wool dish drying mat like the one from Sonoma Wool Company. Wool mats absorb up to 30-percent of their own weight, are naturally resistant to mold and mildew, eco-friendly, and easy to store when not in use."

Tips to Make Washing Dishes Easier
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"This one from Sonoma Wool Company is made here in the States and has no synthetic dyes or weird chemicals, making it safely biodegradable. Plus, you can clear off your countertop in a snap by folding it up and storing in a cabinet."

Clever Items to Simplify Your Life This Week
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"This eco-friendly dish drying mat is a rather popular product from Sonoma Wool Company's roster of offerings. This perhaps testifies to the growing commitment to sustainability that consumers are seeking to make in their day-to-day existence."

Sonoma Wool Co. boasts a Sustainable Solution for Drying Dishes
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"Sonoma Wool Company believes the qualities of wool are ideal
to be used for practical products to make your home a more
natural and soothing place. From luxurious bedding to simple,
long-lasting dish drying mats, you’ll fall in love with all things
wool. Wool is water-wicking."

Take comfort in these all-natural fibers that are uniquely superior to anything else on the market.