Our Wool

The wool we use in our products comes from family-owned and operated ranches throughout the United States, like Pozzi Ranch.  

Keeping family ranches economically viable is an important part of why Sonoma Wool Company was created. 

Our ranch is located in the coastal region of Northern California, where the average rainfall is over 40 inches per year. Coarse-grade wool sheep thrive in this climate. Their coarse wool, with a 28 to 34 micron count, easily sheds the heavy rains of this region and keeps the sheep warm. The sheep with this type of wool are traditionally British breeds, including Dorset, North Country Cheviot, Romney, Suffolk, and Hampshire.

This coarse wool is perfect for practical products for you and your home.

Herd of cattle and sheep behind truck, being fed bales of hay by farmer inside

 Pozzi Wool® Standards

In 1993, Joe Pozzi, along with other like-minded wool-loving people, developed a set of standards for Pozzi Wool®. The standards define how the animals are cared for, how the natural resources on the land are cared for, and how the wool is harvested from the sheep. These standards assure our customers receive the highest quality product, while ensuring the ranchers raising the sheep are being responsible in their business practices.

How does the wool get from the sheep to the dryer ball?

  • All the sheep are born, live and graze on free-range pastures, and the ranchers regularly move the sheep between their pastures to ensure healthy grasses and eliminate soil erosion.
  • Each spring, the sheep are sheared by professional shearers.
  • Once sheared, the fleece (wool from one sheep) is placed on a skirting table, where quality imperfections in the wool are removed by hand.
  • The wool is then baled and shipped to a scouring mill and washed in a 95% biodegradable soap.
  • After washing, the wool is shipped to a carding mill where it is combed and placed in large rolls of batting.
  • Sonoma Wool Company then uses this batting to create practical products for you and your home!

Natural Inclusions – No Carbonization

Sonoma Wool Company does not use wool that is carbonized. Carbonization is a harsh chemical process many industrial wool processors use to clean vegetation from the wool. Using hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other chemicals, carbonization strips away all of the vegetation matter in the wool. Because our wool is not carbonized, you will see bits of residual vegetation in your Sonoma Wool Company products. We choose to offer an all-natural product with residual specks of vegetation because we believe it is best for the environment and the people who will be using our wool products.