Our Story

In 2013, Sonoma Wool Company was born on a ranch in Valley Ford, California.

It started with a love of the land, and all that it provides – food, fiber, wildlife habitat, clean air, and water.

Meet our owner, Amy  

Amy has a decades-long career in land conservation, and a passion for supporting the viability of working lands and agriculture.

She wanted to figure out a way to share what she grew to love about wool – its natural qualities, and its practical uses. So, she bought a felting loom, began experimenting with Pozzi Wool, and developed the products. In September of 2013, she bought a booth spot at Sonoma County’s Heirloom Festival – and the company was up and running.  

Since then, the loom has continually churned out Dish Drying Mats, Ironing Board Pads and other Sonoma Wool Company products. With demand, Amy expanded the company to the East Coast, where some of the United States' last felting mills reside. She currently resides in Brewster, Cape Cod, the same town where coincidentally, the nation's first woolen mill stood!

This is Joe

Within 5 minutes of meeting Joe, you’ll feel his passion for all things related to ranching. As a fourth-generation rancher in Marin and Sonoma Counties, California, he continues a long heritage of ranching and brings a lifetime of experience with all things wool.

He and Amy joined forces and started Sonoma Wool Company together, with a common goal to help support the United States wool industry. You'll find our first felting loom in his little red barn at Pozzi Ranch in Valley Ford, California.

Joe Pozzi on Pozzi Ranch for Sonoma Wool Company

And, I'm Sawyer

I grew up in Sebastopol, California and often spent time on Pozzi Ranch. Photography was a hobby that eventually became a career. I now manage the day-to-day operations, our shipping, graphic design and media departments, and will be your main point of contact if you have any questions or concerns regarding our products or wool in general. Feel free to reach out anytime - let's talk wool!

We didn’t develop our wool products for the sake of having another widget on the market.

Sonoma Wool Company owner Amy stands at her booth in a store in Sonoma in 2015
Joe Pozzi holding raw Wool for Sonoma Wool Company
Sonoma Wool Company owner Amy stands at her Booth in Sonoma County in 2013
Sonoma Wool Company booth at a mall in Northern California  in 2015
Sonoma Wool Company felted wool products in 2015

Our why, and what's next

Amy started Sonoma Wool Company with a genuine passion for wool and its incredible properties. We all stand behind her and believe that wool has a place in every home. We value sustainable concepts, from cradle to grave.

The driving purpose of Sonoma Wool Company is to help people Re-Discover the Wonders of Wool, which, of course, will help support family sheep ranches, just like Joe’s.  The centuries-old wool industry is struggling as fewer and fewer people choose to become sheep ranchers. If demand for wool increases, the likelihood of maintaining a viable wool industry strengthens.

With growth, comes change. Now that we are bi-coastal, we have opportunities to work with several historic wool mills on the East Coast to assist with our manufacturing. In addition to Pozzi Wool, we’re regularly experimenting with other sources of United States wool to be able to provide a consistent high quality product.

We’re excited about this next step in Sonoma Wool Company’s growth, and invite you to join us on our journey of helping others rediscover the wonders of wool!

If you have any questions or comment about our products, please contact us - we would love to hear from you!

Fancy a luxurious night in our Wool Bedding?

Amy bought an Inn on Cape Cod a few years ago. She has decked out every room with a complete set of Sonoma Wool Company Wool Bedding. Come stay a night or two, and see for yourself how Wool Comforters, Wool Mattress Toppers, and Wool Pillows come together to create the most luxurious night of sleep you will ever experience. We're sure, ewe'll be amazed!

To learn more about Amy’s Inn, visit www.brewsterbythesea.com

Brewster By The Sea Garden Room Sonoma Wool Company Wool Bedding

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