Come Home to WOOL

Imagine yourself...tucked in to your bed, wrapped in puffy warmth, like a hug from a loved one – cradling you to sleep, and ensuring you have a long, restful night.

Wool can do that for you.

Ahh, the simple luxury of

Wool Bedding

Eco-friendly Wool Bedding is a practical luxury! Our Wool Bedding is made of 100% Wool, encased in 100% Cotton. USA made, renewable, and completely natural (never any chemicals or dyes) - our Wool Bedding has a luxurious feel and is breathable for year-round comfort.

Wool Bedding is perfect for those sleepers who tend to sweat - sleep in wool and say goodnight to sweating in the middle of your sleep! Wool has so many incredible natural qualities. Wool Bedding is mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant - and on top of that, flame retardant!

Wool Bedding offers breathable, natural comfort, that's cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Ewe'll be Amazed!

Wool breathes. The structure of a wool fiber is such that air circulates through each fiber. By so doing, it creates both a warming effect and a cooling effect as it wicks away moisture from your body.

No synthetic material or feathers can do this.

Prevent the night sweats and enjoy a full night of sleep in Wonderful Wool.

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