Classic Woven Wool Scarf


Introducing our Classic Woven Wool Scarves! This is the first woven item we've ever offered, and the first time we've worked with finer, Merino wool. Our inventory is very limited, and these beautiful scarves take great time and care to create -- don't miss out on these wonderful pieces!

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Our Classic Woven Wool Scarves were designed specifically for us, and the wool was spun, woven, cut and sewn in small family-owned mills throughout New England.  These scarves use 100% Merino Wool sourced from Shaniko Wool Company in Eastern Oregon. This lusciously soft, fine wool is the same wool that is used by our USA Olympic Team for their team sweaters. 

Using the natural colors of black and white wool, we have created three color options, all woven in a classic herringbone pattern, with blanket-stitch edging to finish the look.  

  • 100% USA Merino Wool.
  • Naturally warm, breathable and soft.
  • Comes in three colors: Classic White, Pearl and Gray. "Classic White" is more of a natural, cream color. "Pearl" is a combination of cream and black wool. "Gray" uses only dark wool.
  • Measures 72" x 8"