Wool Batting

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Sold by the yard or in Pre-Packaged sizes! We cannot ship batting to P.O. Boxes via UPS.

By The Yard: Please enter number of yards (36"x96") as quantity at checkout. A yard of batting weighs between 1.5-2 lbs.

Pre-Packaged: Twin (81"x96" ~ 3.75 lbs), Queen (108"x96" ~ 4.75 lbs)

Choose the purest wool batting for all your projects! Our Wool Batting is the perfect choice for your own crafting, quilting, bedding, and upholstery projects. 

  • Our wool fibers are lightly needle punched on one side to hold it intact. We DO NOT bond our wool with resins or heat.
  • Because our wool is not chemically treated, it cannot be machine washed or dried. We recommend hand washing your quilted items or dry clean at a location that provides chemical-free dry cleaning.
  • Color: Our wool is all natural and not bleached; the color is a creamy off-white.
  • Thickness: Because it is a natural batting, its thickness may fluctuate a little. Each batch is a little different so if you need a very specific thickness please email me to confirm the size of our current roll. On average the batting is about 1/2" thick.
  • Made with love in the United States: Sonoma Wool Company was created to support family ranches and small family-owned businesses throughout the supply chain. Our wool is sourced entirely from family ranches, and washed and carded in the United States in family-owned mills.

    Note: Our wool is not "super-washed." This means it has not been treated with any polymers that coat the fibers. It is therefore not machine-washable.


    Why Use 100% Natural Wool Batting for your Quilt?

    • Wool breathes, so it is perfect for quilts you will be sleeping under.   Wool keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Perfect for people of all ages.
    • Wool has elasticity – it is “springy” – it bounces back.  This means no permanent creases in your quilts.  A wool fiber can bend more than 20,000 times before breaking (versus a cotton fiber which only lasts about 6,200 times).  
    • Wool batting provides a soft drape, so is excellent for quilts you would like to wrap around yourself.  
    • Wool has a high loft, and is strong – it maintains its loft over time.
    • Due to its loft, Wool provides excellent stitch definition.  
    • We recommend our batting for a 3” quilting distance or less.
    • Great for hand and machine quilting.  No scrims or resins to resist your needles.
    • Fire Resistant.   Wool smolders in response to a flame, versus cotton or polyester, which flame and melt.  
    • Durable and Long lasting.  Wool lasts longer than any other natural fiber.

    Wool works best at its most natural, so we choose to wash our Wool with biodegradable soap, and never use chemicals or synthetics. Because our Wool is not carbonized, you may see bits of residual vegetation in our products and color may vary.

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    Thank you for supporting local!

    Why Wool?

    Wool is an incredibly versatile and sustainable material that offers numerous benefits for practical household items.

    It is a natural and durable material that can help reduce waste and promote sustainability, making it an excellent choice for those who want to make more eco-friendly choices in their daily lives.

    Please check out our FAQs if you want to know more!