Wool Batting in a Roll
Wool Batting in a roll on a wood table

Wool Batting

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Choose the purest wool batting for all your projects! Our Wool Batting is the perfect choice for your own crafting, quilting, bedding, and upholstery projects. Email us if you'd like a sample!

  • No resins or glues, just 100% natural wool
  • Washed in biodegradable soap and no carbonization
  • One yard is approximately 1 pound (36" x 80”)
  • Comes lightly tacked, easy to pull apart for different projects

Note: Our wool is not "super-washed." This means it has not been treated with any polymers that coat the fibers. It is therefor not machine-washable.

Wool works best at its most natural, so we choose to wash our Wool with biodegradable soap, and never use chemicals or synthetics. Because our Wool is not carbonized, you may see bits of residual vegetation in our products.

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