Wool Comforter

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Aaah, the simple elegance of wool for your bedroom! Our Wool Bedding Collection is pure luxury. To create our Wool Comforter, we take our wool batting, and encase it in 100% cotton fabric. It is hand-tufted, with a row of stitching on the perimeter to hold the wool in place. (No more waking up wondering where the fill in your comforter has gone!) Completely natural, never any dyes or chemicals.

Wool is the best choice for bedding. Its unique fibers naturally insulate from both heat and cold, wick away moisture, and help you maintain a constant body temperature. And, wool is naturally resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mold, and mildew and acts as a natural fire retardant. We assure you, the best eco-friendly bedding is made of wool! Our Comforters are made in California, using entirely American Wool. You can learn more about our Wool here.

Our Twin has about 6lbs of Wool, Queen about 7.5lbs, and King about 9lbs of Wool. Because our comforters are handmade, these weights may vary slightly.

Care Instructions
Protect your comforter from spills with a cotton or linen duvet cover. To renew and freshen your comforter, simply expose it to sunlight and fresh air for several hours. Dry clean if necessary, but try to avoid harsh chemicals.

Please note: Our bedding products can not be shipped to a P.O. Box.

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