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The Benefits of Wool
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The Benefits of Wool

The Benefits of American Wool

Breathable, absorbent, and anti-microbial, we are working to bring this super-fiber back in style.

And Wool is Sustainable, too!

Our goal is to make consumers aware of the Wonders of Wool, so that American family ranches continue to be supported.

WOOL is a biodegradable, USA sustainable,
Earth-friendly fiber!

Fire resistant: Fact or fiction?

Cotton ball on fire

You may have heard that Wool is fire resistant - but have you heard that science has backed the use of wool as a protective base layer for those who may come in contact with fire or explosions? This is completely true!  

Wool naturally has a high ignition temperature. This means it takes more heat than say synthetic fibers like polyester and polypropylene, and even a natural fiber like cotton, to burn.

Wool also acts as a flame retardant, meaning it will put out a flame and smolder when compared to other fibrous materials.

Want to experiment yourself? Safely, take a piece of untreated wool and compare it to a cotton ball. With a match, light both on fire. You'll see that the cotton ball stays lit, with a strong burning flame. The Wool smolders out, leaving bits of burnt edges, but no dangerous flame.  

- Kelsie Greene, Media Manager, Sonoma Wool Company


To contact Kelsie about this, or any other woolly thought you may have, feel free to email her at

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